Course Title Course ID College Date Status
Vocational Preparation High School Eagle Crest July,1999 Completed
Moral Reconciliation Therapy High School Eagle Crest July, 1999 Completed
High School Graduation (1 year early, age 17) High School Eagle Crest August, 1999 Completed
Basic Electronics EST 110 Peninsula Winter, 2000 Completed
Study Skills and Industrial Safety IND 080 Pierce Spring 2000 Completed
Computer Basics CMPSC 060Y Edmonds Spring, 2001 Completed
Introduction to Systems & Apps VISCO 110 Edmonds Fall 2001 Completed
Two Dimensional Design ART 111 Edmonds Winter, 2002 Completed
Write 100-Vocational Writing WRITE 100Y Edmonds Winter, 2002 Completed
Graphic Design 1 ART 225 Edmonds Spring , 2002 Completed *
Introduction to Windows Operation System CMPSC 120
Edmonds Spring , 2002 Completed *
Human Relations HUMDV 120Y Edmonds Spring , 2002 Completed *
Digital Imaging VISCO 120 Edmonds Spring , 2002 Completed *
Interface Design VISCO 130 Edmonds Summer 2002 Completed
Web Development 1
Interactive Design
CIS 241
Edmonds Fall 2002 Not completed due to transfer
Introduction to Printing GRAPH 100 Edmonds Winter 2003 Completed
Beginning Press Operation YGRAPH 100Y Edmonds Winter 2003 Completed
Beginning Pre-Press GRAPH 240Y Edmonds Winter 2003 Completed
Introduction to Micro Computers ITC 100 Pierce Winter 2004 Completed
Introduction to NT4 Workstation ITC 110 Pierce Spring 2004 Completed
Introduction to Microsoft Word ITC 120 Pierce Summer 2004 Completed
Intermediate Microsoft Word ITC 121 Pierce Fall 2004 Completed
Advanced Microsoft Word ITC 122 Pierce Spring 2005 Completed
Introduction to MS Excel ITC 130 Pierce Winter 2006 Completed
Introductory Power Point ITC 150 Walla Walla Spring 2007 Completed
Introductory Access ITC 140 Walla Walla Spring 2007 Completed
Applied Microcomputers-Transfer out of State CT 021 Walla Walla Fall 2007 Not complete
Intermediate MS Access-Transfer out of State ITC 141 Walla Walla Fall 2007 Not complete
Out of State 2007 – 2009 No School
Keyboarding ITC 105 Grays Harbor Winter 2010 Completed
MS Outlook ITC 115 Grays Harbor Winter 2010 Completed

Violence Prevention Workshop  November 2013 Spoke on Hope in Face of Discouragement

Course Title Date Status
Redemption Self-Awareness March 2011 Completed as student
Violence Prevention Workshop April 2012 Spoke on anger
Redemption Self-Awareness Class April 2012 Complete as Junior Mentor
Violence Prevention Workshop II May 2012 Spoke on anger
Criminon Way to Happiness Correspondence Course September 2012 Completed
Redemption Self-Awareness Class November 2012 Completed as Senior Mentor
Violence Prevention Workshop III December 2012 Spoke on Depression
Redemption Self-Awareness Class January 2013 Completed as Senior Mentor
Redemption Self-Awareness Class September 2013 Completed as Senior Mentor
Unlocking Your Potential March 2013 Completed
Violence Prevention Workshop IV October 2013 Spoke on Misconceptions of Respect in Prison
Violence Prevention Workshop V November 2013 Spoke on Hope in the Face of Discouragement
Involved in:

  • Redemption Project
  • Co-chair & Head mediator of the Violence Prev. Branch
  • Co-chair of the Self-Improvement Branch
  • Instructor of the Facilitators Class
  • Mentorship & Acquired Communications Skills Group
  • Diversity Committee
  • Theatre Group
  • Christian Church Services
Ongoing Ongoing

* Placed on Dean’s honor Roll

Criminon – Criminal Rehabilitation, Reform & Crime Prevention a nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitation of criminals and prevention of recidivism through moral education. Is a daughter organization of Narconon.