Thank you for visiting my website. The summer of 2015 was amazing. Marcella and I have received many blessings; many prayers have been answered.

I’ll start off with some personal updates and finish with an awesome family testimony.

First off, I moved to the Honor Unit here at Stafford Creek. The Honor Unit provides a living environment for guys who are more proactive, have better attitudes and stay out of trouble. The standards are higher and the benefits greater.

One of the benefits of the Honor Unit is the availability of in-unit classes and programs. I’ve already completed a music comprehension class & participated in a restorative justice group.

In my last update I shared about my job at Correctional  Industries (CI). Since then I’ve completed the communications class, participated in a job interview fair and am currently taking a class called “Making it Work.” CI has been the greatest benefit to my preparation for release thus far.

The job interview fair was put on by our Re-Entry Specialist, Hector Ortiz. He organized an event in which a number of people who conduct job interviews for their companies in the local community, came into SCCC to do mock job interviews.  This event was put on for a select group of inmates who are close to release. I am personally very thankful.  The process helped to build my ability to do job interviews when I return to society. (Link)

Another resource I utilized in preparation for my release is the Life Skills Re-Entry class. This class is offered through Grays Harbor College. I acquired a great deal of information. By far the best part of the class was the personal finance section. We did a DVD/Workbook curriculum by Dave Ramsey. I gained a lot of financial literacy.

The wait was long for the parenting class but I finally got in. It was a bit of a let-down. The class did  not really expand on anything I’ve already learned from my personal studies. The best part of the class was the maturity level of the students, and the teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Troy.

One of highlights of my summer was visiting with Marcella for 4 days straight in July. We had not seen each other for over a year, so needless to say that visit was much needed and appreciated. Marcella is currently looking for a job and housing in the Olympia area. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

In my last update I mentioned that the kids were to be moving back to the U.S. Well, they moved very briefly to Flagstaff, Arizona where their father was transferred from South Korea. Why do I say briefly? Well, that’s part of the testimony.

Since becoming Christians in 2012, Marcella and I have been praying to and trusting in God for the return of the children. Believing that we heard from the Lord to take action, Marcella initiated a court proceeding to have her custody case reviewed.

On August 6th the judge heard Marcella’s side and ruled the Marcella and her ex-husband must go through a mediation process. We were very encouraged by this, but then came the mediation.

The mediator was the same person who six years ago recommended against Marcella keeping the children. Again, the mediator was very condescending towards Marcella. The process seemed to be a repeat of six years ago. Needless to say we were quite discouraged by this.

That night Marcella and I went to the Lord in prayer and gave all our anxiety and fear to Him. We prayed for favor from the judge, but also for Adrian’s (her ex) heart to be softened. The next day Adrian called Marcella and told her to come to Arizona and pick up the kids!! What a glorious phone call that was. When I called Marcella she told me that she was getting ready to pick up Adrian and Alyssa.

The truly amazing part is that big Adrian had a change of heart. It wasn’t by force from a court based on things such as circumstance, behavior or other such external measurements. No. Adrian had seen the power of Christ at work in Marcella’s life and his heart was softened. He changed. He no longer wanted to fight. In fact, when Marcella showed up to pick up the kids, he seemed like a different person. He was humble and even apologized. From our perspective this is truly a miracle, a blessing from God, an answered prayer, and we are so thankful.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to change Adrian and that he will surrender and be saved.

The kids are now living in California and have just started school. They left Marcella as young children and returned as teenagers. There are a few challenges for us all as we transition to this new dynamic. Overall things are good though. Adrian Jr. just turned 16. He is growing into a fine young man. I’m very proud of him. Alyssa is blooming into a beautiful young woman. Both of the children are naturally skeptical, but have been attending church and listening. We are hopeful that they will see Christ in us and come to know Him better. Again, all your prayers are welcome.

Thank you family and friends for reading my updates. I pray that you will be encouraged by our testimony that demonstrates that for God all things are possible. He is mighty, holy and able…that’s why, as Joshua 24:15 says: “As for me and my  house, we will serve the Lord.” Amen.