Thank you for visiting my website. This fall has been very fruitful. I have many updates to share with you.

In my last update I shared how the SB5064 bill was passed, because of which I will have the opportunity to go before the parole board in the next few years. In light of this, my focus has shifted. I am now utilizing the remainder of my time to prepare for release.

Having the potential of returning to society so soon has opened the door to many new opportunities that were not previously afforded to me. I have immediately taken advantage of a few of these opportunities, for example, I now work-in the business office of Correctional Industries (CI).

CI is beneficial in many facets. First, it provides me with a realistic work environment. I now work from 7 am to 3 pm. This may not seem like much for many of you, but to a guy who has never had a real full time job; this is excellent preparation for re-entering society. CI also offers re-entry and communication classes. I have already started the communications class. On top of it all, I am learning great office skills, data entry skills, and visual basic programming skills.

Marcella is doing great. She has started an eBay business called She specializes in selling designer purses and smart phones. The business has excelled in a very short amount of time. I am proud of her and very impressed by her success.

Marcella is still very involved in our church. In fact, she just received recognition for her service in the church in a certain area. She is happy to be recognized, but all the glory belongs to God.

Our children, Adrian and Alyssa, are amazing. They’re both maintaining good grades in school and are successfully traversing their transitions to teenagers. They are doing much better than I did!! Some good news pertaining to them is that they will be moving back to the states from South Korea in June. We are not yet sure where they will be, but – anywhere in the U.S. is better than their-current circumstance.

I am continuing my work in the Redemption Project. There are only a few more weeks left in the current Self-Awareness class that I am facilitating. We have also just started a new Self-Awareness class on Tuesdays. Anthony Powers, who was a key person in starting the Redemption Project, just returned to SCCC from Walla-Walla and Clallam Bay. He established the Redemption Project in both facilities.

I have joined the Praise and Worship team for the church here at SCCC. I am the back-up keyboard player. I will be helping in the recording and composing department as well. As far as my playing skills go, well, let’s just say I have plenty room for improvement!

I am flourishing in my Biblical studies. I have finished the PMI Foundational study and I am thinking about enrolling in their Nouthetic Counseling course. I have been studying this subject myself and would enjoy a structured course. Nouthetic Counseling is a biblical based counseling method that sticks with biblical principles and eliminates the presuppositions of both Freudian and Rogerian thought.

Additional personal studies have included books on topics such as parenting, family life, and marriage. Since I still have not been accepted into the parenting class offered here, I have taking the initiative to study the subject on my own. I am still hoping to take the class though.

Well, that’s about all for now. I thank you family, friends, and potential friends for taking the time to view my site and read my updates. I pray that our Mighty God will bless you and protect you and your families, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen