The summer of 2014 was blessed and I have many updates to share with you.

I’ll start off with the best news. A bill has passed that will give me the opportunity to be paroled from prison in the near future! I praise God for this blessing. My whole focus has now changed to re-entry. I am currently working on a release plan.

Looks like I finished my Victim Advocacy course just in time, and with a perfect 4.0 grade! I learned so much about the effects of victimization on people, families, and communities. I am now certified and will potentially be able to work as a victim advocate when I return to society.

My family is doing great. Marcella is fully active in our church, The Community Connection Church II, in Barstow, California. This summer she had the opportunity to teach the Vacation Bible School. She had so much fun and did such a wonderful job that she was invited to teach the 4-9 year olds in Sunday school! And our daughter, Alyssa, actually attended the Vacation Bible School at her church in South Korea as well this summer. God is good. I am so proud of them both. Our son, Adrian, turned 15 on Aug. 25th. He spent his summer stacking his chips from his summer job. I am proud of him too, he’s a good worker!

I am still involved in the Redemption Project doing much of the same that I have already shared with you. The only changes are that I have stepped back from the Violence Prevention Branch, due to the change of my focus. Also, I have started a new Self-Awareness class as a senior facilitator. I am excited to be facilitating again. It really is one of the best ways to help others and serve my community here.

In preparation for my release, another area I would like to strengthen is in parenting. So, I signed up for a parenting class and am currently waiting to start that. I hope to gain some wisdom and skills that will help me prepare for the position I will fill when I return home to my family. I am happy to share with you that has added a video visit function for us to use. The video visits are 30 minutes each and awesome! I have already had a handful of them with Marcella. To find out more, go to

Finally, my Biblical studies have been outstanding. I am drawing closer to the Lord, daily walking in the Spirit. The good Word is my daily bread! I have started another correspondence course offered by the PMI Center for Biblical

Studies. In addition to my personal studies, I have been participating in a number of group studies. I praise the Lord for the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit I’ve been blessed to witness in these mens’ lives, and mine as well.

Thank you my family, friends, and potential friends for taking the time to visit this site and learn more about me. I enjoy having this platform to share with you all. May God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord bless you with
grace, peace, and mercy.