I am housed at Stafford Creek Corrections Center, a minimum security institution in Aberdeen, Washington, where I am currently involved in a number of programs, including:  Christian Church Services, Redemption Project, Education, Diversity Committee, Theatre Group, Family Friendly Event Volunteer.

Christian Church Services:

The service I attend most frequently is Prisoners for Christ which is held every Tuesday night. I am also involved with the music Ministry, specifically, the Christian Rap Group. In this group I function as the producer/engineer. We perform at various church services and are currently in the planning phase for recording an album. I will post some music for you to hear ASAP.

Redemption Project:

A lot of my time is spent working within the Redemption Project. I have recently accepted more responsibilities in leadership roles.

I serve as Chair for the Self-Improvement Branch. In this capacity I oversee the Self-Awareness Classes, the Facilitator’s Class, and the Mentorship & Acquired Communications Skills (MACS) Class. Within this branch I also function as the instructor for the Facilitator’s Class and as a Senior Peer Mentor in Self-Awareness Classes. I am also a student in the MACS Class.

Additionally, I serve as Co-Chair for the Violence Prevention Branch. Our current objective in this branch is to bring awareness to the causes of violence and alternatives to violence. Our main vehicle for bringing awareness to the men here is our Violence Prevention Events. See article: Our next event will be in October. I will be speaking on the perception of respect in prison. We are also currently developing a curriculum for a Violence Prevention Class which will be similar to Our Self-Awareness Class.

The last task I perform for the Redemption Project is to speak about it at the weekly facility orientation in which all of the new men in the facility must attend.


I am currently enrolled in The Center for Legal Studies at Adams State University. I am taking the Victims Advocacy Certificate Course. Upon completion I will be certified to work in the field of victim advocacy.

I am also currently enrolled in the following Bible Study Correspondence Schools, Prisoners for Christ, American Bible Academy, Crossroad Bible Institute.

Diversity Committee:

The Diversity Committee hosts four cultural events a year: Black History, Asian/Pacific Islander, European Heritage, and Hispanic Heritage. We will soon be starting rehearsals for the Hispanic Heritage event.
My role in the diversity Committee simply being the sound tech. Additionally, I do some audio editing and remixing for cultural dances and help set up for the events.

Family Friendly Event Volunteer :

I volunteer as a helper at the many family friendly events here at SCCC.

Theatre Group:

This program is currently on pause due to the lack of a sponsor from the community who is willing to volunteer.